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Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, from vineyards originating from the territory surrounding the Pescara province, according to the principles of biological agriculture.


The harvest occurs during the second or third week of October, when the grapes reach their peak biological ripeness, evaluated through the measurement of the sugar percentile, the pH, its total acidity and the polyphenolic potential.
The grapes are harvested by hand, respecting their integrity and their organoleptic characteristics, which will express themselves in the wine-to-be.


The winemaking takes place with high respect of traditional methodology. After a strict selection of the best grapes, the winemaking involves the rasping and skin contact for approximately 25-30 days at a controlled temperature of 28-30° C. During this phase, periodical replacement and delestage takes place, which allow the fractionalised extraction of the skin’s noble components, which will give the wine-to-be its characteristic taste.

Once this phase is completed, the obtained wine is separated from the skins with a soft pressing and stored in steel barrels for the future malolactic extraction. Moreover, the wine is decanted in durmast barrels, where it is left to rest and sharpen for 2 months.

In all winemaking phases, in order to guarantee and protect the genuineness of the product, all recognised rules for the production of biological wines are followed to the letter.


COLOUR: red with slight garnet reflections
SCENT: wide, intense and persistent, pleasantly spiced and slightly fruity with hints of red fruits and subtle jam flavours. The harmony and balance of the aromatic components gives this wine the typical characteristics and flavours of its place of origin
FLAVOUR: wine of strong typicality and personality, presenting a harmonic and ample flavour, with an excellent body and long finish with light and pleasant tannins. In other words, the good alcohol levels, the low acidity and its soft tannins ensure that this wine is equipped with a significant personality and presents a harmonic taste with a full body and long finish.
PAIRINGS: due to its organoleptic characteristics, this wine is ideal when paired with red meats, game and mature cheeses
SERVING METHOD: serve at a temperature of 18-20°C, ensuring that the wine has the chance to breathe prior to its consumption
STORAGE: store in a cool place between 10-12°C, keeping the bottle flat
ALCOHOL: 13.5°