Portami Al MAre



Pecorino grapes, originating from vineyards grown in Abruzzo, according to biological agricultural principles.


The harvest takes place during the third week of September, according to the full biological ripening of the grapes, which is evaluated through the measurement of the sugar percentile, the pH, and its total acidity.
The grapes are harvested by hand, respecting their integrity and their organoleptic characteristics.


The winemaking takes place with high respect of traditional methodology. After a strict selection of the best grapes, the winemaking involves the rasping and a brief skin maceration for approximately 8-10 hours.

This gives way to a fractionalised extraction of the noble components of the grapes, which will determine the personality of the wine-to-be. Moreover, a soft pressing is carried out, and the must is refrigerated at a temperature between 8-10° C, and decanted for approximately 10-12 hours.

Once the maceration phase is terminated, where the aromatic components are extracted together with the ones responsible for the wine’s body, the must is separated from the skins, refrigerated at a temperature of 10-12° C and decanted for approximately 12 hours. The clear must that is obtained is then allowed to ferment at a monitored temperature of 18-18° C.

The wine that is obtained from this process is quickly separated from the dregs and stored in steel barrels at an approximate temperature of 14° C, which allows the wine to maintain its fresh characteristics consistent. After a brief ageing process, the wine is stabilised, filtered, and bottled.

In all winemaking phases, in order to guarantee and protect the genuineness of the product, all recognised rules for the production of biological wines are followed to the letter.


COLOUR: straw yellow
SCENT: intense, with clear citrus sensors
FLAVOUR: fresh, harmonic and soft, with great roundness and excellent structure, body and persistence – with a final seasoning note
PAIRINGS: given its organoleptic characteristics, its ideal pairing is with seafood dishes and mild cheeses
SERVING METHOD: serve at a temperature of 8-10°C, opening the bottle at the moment of service
STORAGE: store in a cool place between 10-12°C, keeping the bottle flat